What is Google Trends and How to Use Them in Marketing

Ever heard of the term “market trends?” As marketers, we are always on the lookout for the newest and greatest trends to follow and include in our own marketing strategies. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a tool that finds trends for you? Well, thankfully there is! 


Google Trends is a tool that identifies current and existing trends within search marketing, which you can then use to find the information in your own marketing strategies.

But how does one use Google Trends?

How to Use Google Trends for Marketing

At the time of writing this, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian were the top trends for the United States’ search queries on Google

This is most likely due to Taylor’s new album release, and Kim’s new relationship. Since these are popular topics, it may be smart for marketers like us to create content focused on those two topics, especially if your targeted audience fits within music or celebrity gossip. But if what you’re marketing doesn’t fall into those categories, it’s an easy fix: simply search for something more relevant to you in the search bar. 

Let’s say the company I was marketing for was an investment banking business. I might search for something relevant to investing, like stocks or NFTs. I simply type in “NFT” in the search bar, and up comes a lot of information, such as graphs, demographics, and other related search queries. 

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This is useful information for marketers and marketing strategy creation. Now you’re able to see what other terms people are searching for, where NFTs are most popular within the country, other topics they’re interested in like Coinbase, and NFT’s popularity rate over time. 

All of these bits of information can be used to develop a targeted marketing campaign. Looking back at our example of NFTS, California is the top state with the most search queries. Now you can target your campaign to people living in California. 

Next, using the “Interest Over Time” chart, we can see that NFTs are at the height of their popularity on November 7th. When you look farther and do a bit of research on your own, you can see that most people are beginning to get into this space. And learned more about specific NFTs around that time due to influencers and entrepreneurs like Gary Vee. 

There’s a lot of information to pull from, but when it comes to content creation, no amount is enough. Now you can target potential customers by simply designing and curating content that reaches the masses. 

Why Should You Use Google Trends?

Even if you don’t create content or are a copywriter, you should still be using Google Trends if you’re a marketer! It’s quite literally our job to capitalize on popular trends, and doing so can bring a whole new audience to your business. 

It’s imperative to find topics people want to read about. Google Trends allows you to easily find topics that people are actually interested in that you can write about. It also is a spring of inspiration for visuals, as well- if people are interested in learning about NFTs, it might be a good idea to create a graphic around the concept and post it on your social media. Professional digital marketer Neil Patel couldn’t agree more: “By creating a relevant and interesting image, you’re not only generating attention for your content but showing your target audience you understand them and know exactly what they want. This has many SEO-related benefits, too.”

Google Trends also allows you to plan ahead for seasonal campaigns with the “Interest Over Time” graph as well. Let’s say your business sells professional soccer jerseys. In the search bar, we’ve searched for “soccer jerseys” and can now see what months of the year are most popular. In this case, July 4th through July 10th had the highest amount of search queries. 

This data shows us that the best time to promote soccer jerseys would be in the summer, starting at the end of June and the beginning of July.

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3 Marketing Ideas Using Google Trends

  1. Create a blog post. Write a blog based on one of the most popular topics relative to your industry. Use the “Related Topics” category to find a specific topic, and voila! Inspiration acquired. 
  2. Social media content. Constantly coming up with new and engaging content to post on social media platforms is no small task. Using Google Trends lets you find trending topics that people want to interact with, as well as allows you to create those seasonal campaigns as mentioned above.
  3. Improve SEO. Keyword research and organic search benefit from Google Trends big time. Use this to identify relevant keywords that have surfaced through years of data.

In conclusion, Google Trends is invaluable, and might we mention, a free tool. It’s very easy to use, and not a lot of professionals use it, which is a big loss on their part. Find the best, and most popular, search queries that are sure to bring the masses to view your content.

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