Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency in 2022

Marketing agencies have a bit of a curious reputation in the business world. For many business owners, they seem unnecessary and may even cut into the profits they are trying to generate. 

However, when it comes to the success of marketing campaigns and overall sales, businesses that hire marketing agencies tend to have greater success. 

While there are many reasons why hiring a marketing agency in 2022 is the right call for you and your business, here are our top 5 reasons you should consider hiring a marketing agency instead of creating an in-house marketing team.

1. Marketing Agencies Are Neutral

Sometimes it’s best to get an unbiased perspective on a particular marketing strategy. Do you know that it will get you the results you want? An in-house team wouldn’t question whether or not it was effective until it was too late, and a lot of money was wasted just to learn it didn’t work. 

Given the scope of businesses marketing agencies tend to work with, they can work out a plan that can get you the results you’re looking for within the time and, more importantly, the budget you set.

2. Marketing Agencies Are Cutting Edge

Yes, there are a lot of free marketing tools that you can use, even within an in-house team, but if you plan on paying for better tools, it would need to be factored into the budget you already have for marketing. It might not seem like that much of an expense for larger businesses, but it’s not entirely feasible for smaller businesses. 

On the other hand, with a marketing agency, their tools are always up to date. And they have been using them for a while, meaning they know how they work, which makes it so you’re not paying for training on how to use them.

3. Marketing Agencies Provide a Team of Experts

In particular, for many small businesses, it might seem fine to have a single marketing specialist that works in-house. This can be a bit limiting, which means that the approaches that could work best might not be within that particular specialist’s wheelhouse. Just because they might know video marketing doesn’t mean they are an SEO expert

With a marketing agency, you get a team of people with experience and knowledge across multiple approaches. 

Video? Sure.

Copywriting? You got it.

Web Design and Development? Absolutely.

The list goes on. 

And this team can create a marketing plan that can get your business booming, whether to get more people buying from your online store or finding their way into your physical store. They’ve got you covered.

4. Marketing Agencies Create Better Content

This might raise a few eyebrows, but let us explain.

Have you ever heard of something called “Content Noise”?

Content Noise is a concept that suggests that the amount of content that everyone is bombarded with constantly gets lost in the crowd. In the end, it becomes nothing but noise. 

What’s tragic is when a business scales too quickly that the brand and their story continually changes. It becomes a bit disjointed after a while, and people eventually learn to ignore it as just noise. 

At the same time, having little to no content is just as bad, if not worse. At least in the previous scenario, there was an attempt made at branding. 

With a marketing agency, they can create high-quality content that either creates or maintains your business’s brand and messaging. This leads to a better customer retention rate and potentially new customers as well.

5. Marketing Agencies Save You Time and Money

There is that old saying, “Time Is Money.” And in the world of business and marketing, it is absolutely true. 

Many business owners can be turned off by the initial price tag of a marketing agency. It’s understandable, especially when it can be hard to see the benefit of hiring one when you can just have a couple of marketing specialists in-house. 

Here’s the thing, though—when you think of the long-term costs of having an in-house marketing team, it tends to be a lot more than hiring a marketing agency. 

Seriously think about it for a second. Think about the cost of interviewing, hiring, and onboarding those employees before you even get them started on your campaigns. Think about the tools they will need to run a successful campaign. 

As we stated above, a marketing agency already has all of that. You can hit the ground running and see a greater ROI with the cost it would take to hire a marketing agency instead of relying on an in-house team that may be limited in what they can do. 

The Right Marketing Agency for You

There are plenty more reasons to consider hiring a marketing agency in 2022, but if these are enough to convince you, reach out to the Marketing Agency Utah for a consultation and let’s take your business to new heights!

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