Online Marketing Strategy and Trends to Dominate in 2022

Online Marketing Strategy and Trends to Dominate in 2022
Online Marketing Strategy and Trends to Dominate in 2022

After observing some marketing strategies and trends that have emerged in the last few months, it seems fitting that we just hop on the bandwagon and give our take on them as well.

After all, the landscape of online marketing is always changing. What worked last year might not do as much this year. And the same thing can be said of what will work and not work in the coming years.

But our observations right now show a landscape full of new opportunities to try out.


meta verse

2021 was a bit of a roller coaster for Meta. Besides just changing their name, they introduced something that appears to have gained a large foothold

Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t just Facebook anymore. This is an entirely new world within the aspects of virtue and augmented reality. Before fully introducing this concept last October, it was just thought that the Metaverse would just be another video game console. As it turns out, it could be the next evolution of social media.

This opens the doors for a new era of marketing strategy, with many brands already taking advantage of what the Metaverse has to offer.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media
Social media

Never underestimate the power of an influencer. Meta continues to grow influence through Facebook, however, it has been overshadowed by other platforms such as TikTok. 

While influencer brand deals are nothing new, this is something that has expanded in recent years. 

And it’s easy to see why. Influencers have been able to create a relationship with their fan base. On some level, they know and successfully implement the KLT (or Know-Like-Trust) principle. 

Brands that have partnered with social media influencers, in particular, have seen an increase in brand awareness and, as a result, sales. 

Re-recorded Video

Recorded Video
Recorded Video

What if you wanted to become an influencer?

Well, that’s entirely possible. With the rise of the TikTok format, such as reels on Facebook and YouTube, short videos are coming back into focus once again. 

These 15 seconds to 3-minute long videos are engaging, entertaining, and punchy. If you want to gain any sort of following, this format is the way to go. 

This also provides a marketing strategy to lead users to your website, YouTube channel, or other links you want to send them to. Considering that video content should be included in any marketing strategy, this is an excellent route to take if you are just getting started.

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Live Video

live video
live video

Another element of video marketing to consider is going live. Influencers use this to their advantage quite a bit when it comes to their marketing strategy.

Live video provides the opportunity to humanize people. Typically, there is no better way to show that you are a real person than to present yourself as one in real-time. 

If you go live as a representative of your brand, one of the best ways to connect with your audience is to host a Q&A session where you can talk more about what you represent, as well as other ways to connect with your audience. 



Remember the song “Video Killed the Radio Star”? It turns out that death was faked, and the radio star rebranded as the Podcast Star. 

Radio advertising does have its place, however, the traditional AM/FM bands have evolved to include internet streaming. 

Talk radio, in particular, has seen a bit of a resurgence in the form of podcasts. Similar to video, a podcast marketing strategy can take several forms. This could be in the form of what would be typical commercials, host reads, or even full podcasts themselves. 

Mini podcasts, like Google Audio, can help increase brand awareness as well. 

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This can be seen as a bit of an unconventional marketing strategy, but it still works when done right.

Memes have a way of conveying information simply, effectively, and with little effort. The most effective being those of just a simple picture and a caption on the top and bottom that totals no more than 10 words. 
A word of warning when it comes to this, though: if your marketing strategy includes memes, make sure the memes created are not only on brand, but they fit the context of the meme. You wouldn’t want to use something like Philosoraptor when Success Kid would work better.

Create Quality Content

No matter what avenue you decide to take, always make sure you are creating top-notch quality content. Your marketing strategy has a higher chance of success when you do.

Don’t get caught up in the rush to create as much content as possible. If you’re doing it by yourself, allow yourself to go slow at first. As you get comfortable with your new skills, you can then start to churn out more content that is high quality. 

As always, no matter what marketing strategy you decide, we at the Marketing Agency in Utah are here to assist you. Contact us here to set up a consultation where we can discuss these and other marketing strategies that best fit your business needs!

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