Marketing Strategies for Schools

No matter what a digital marketing campaign is used for, the audience is always the most important aspect. When it comes to marketing strategies for schools, it’s even more so! Parents and guardians of students are the building blocks of a successful school district, and no matter how amazing the staff and faculty are, you cannot have a successful school without happy students and parents.

Here at Marketing Agency Utah, we know and value the importance of marketing in and for schools! If you are unsure how to improve your online presence or marketing for your school district or need the help of professionals like us, read below about the best marketing strategies for schools!

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Understanding the Who How and What are the key components for any successful digital marketing campaign. And just like other marketing strategies, schools need to understand and learn about what their potential audience cares about or looks for in a school. So read below and learn about some of the most important marketing strategies for schools!

  1. Your Website Design and Usage

Schools cannot be the exception to modern expectations regarding online presence. Make sure your website is up to date and visually appealing. People often get frustrated on poor-quality websites when they cannot find the information they’re looking for or when the design quality is poor. Especially on mobile devices, making your website easy to navigate and finding the correct information is key to having happy parents and students.

Much like any website, 94% of first impressions are design-related. If a potential family feels the website is outdated or poorly designed, they might correlate that with the quality of the school as a whole and not just the website, and it might drive them to find somewhere else.

If you are unsure if your website is entirely up to date, consider the following: if it has been updated in three years or more, if the website is more than mobile-friendly, or if the website is challenging to navigate. If you think any of those applies to your school’s site, then it could be time for an update from a marketing agency like us!

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One key factor that brings organic traffic to your website is SEO or search engine optimization. Applying the correct keywords, page titles, links, and more can be a crucial step for helping search engine users find your website when browsing the internet.

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For example, if your home page for your school’s website does not include keywords that suggest your proper location or type of school, potential families won’t be able to find your site when searching for a phrase like “Middle schools in Salt Lake City.”

90% of online experiences begin with a search engine! Making sure to properly include SEO tactics will greatly improve the visibility and ranking of your website on search engines.

  1. Email Campaigns

Many other aspects of your digital marketing campaign are just as important as your website! For example, email marketing can be a critical component of reaching out to newly enrolled families, people who had contacted you previously, and community members that can help boost your reach into the heart of your community.

You don’t need to have just one type of email marketing campaign either. You can set up different campaigns that apply to different families’ interactions with your website! For example, if you have a contact form for people in the community, you can reach out to small businesses and the local government to promote your school. Another example is that you can have a specific campaign for families who have expressed a slight interest in your school or are considering moving to the area.

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There are many options to best utilize this for your school’s needs! Much like radio or television marketing, it’s a blank slate that you can use to make a lasting impression on your community.

  1. School Blog

Your first impression of blogs might be something like what marketing agencies like us are doing now or even personal blogs that people might write about their travel experiences. But blogs can greatly impact your community, potential families, and already enrolled students!

There are many ways to include a blog on your website! For example, it’s the perfect way to integrate newsletters or school board announcements into your website! Using a blog format allows you to add specific keywords and links so that when people are searching for this information online, they can find it immediately. 

Another way would be to do what you’re reading right now! Having informational blogs written about your staff, the classes you offer, and the wonderful teachers you have, are all great ways to allow your potential or current families to get to know the school and community better.

  1. Social Media and Video Content

Schools are no exception to the power of social media marketing and video marketing strategies! Today, people often rely on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about the communities they are interested in or where they already live. Integrating your school into the community is crucial, and social media and video can do just that!

Social media marketing includes having and running a social media account and can also entail social media advertising! In the world of social media, people are fed advertisements and accounts that appeal to their interests and searches, so using the right keywords and demographics can help your digital marketing campaign reach the audience you need.

The main takeaway you should have is that a school’s marketing strategy is not inherently different from most other campaigns, so harnessing the power of all the marketing strategies listed above can help boost and promote your school to the next level! 

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