How to start your brand marketing?

While having a cohesive and simple logo design is essential, that isn’t the only thing that makes up your brand identity! A great logo is essential, but it’s not the only thing you need for brand marketing.

In the modern days of marketing, consumers have millions of businesses showing their brands and products on a daily basis. Your goal as a business is to utilize your branding to your advantage to show the consumer or audience that you should stand out among the rest!

When starting your brand marketing, you first need to understand what a brand identity is and how to use it for your business promotion.

What is Brand Identity?

It’s made up of your business’s values, how you communicate your products and services, and how you want your audience to feel when interacting with your business. Essentially, your brand identity is the “personality” of your business!

What is a Brand?

You need to think of branding as what makes you stand out among the crowd and what makes consumers want to buy from you. This can be made of many different things such as your name, logo, tagline, color scheme, graphics, etc.

Take it from Wayfair’s Senior Brand Manager, who says: “Brand identity is more than just finding the right logo to place on coffee cup sleeves or mount above your front door. It’s about crafting a personality that amplifies the core elements of your brand’s DNA. Today, the most magnetic brand identities scale across digital platforms, IRL experiences, and even naturally converse with real customers.”

Ultimately, you must strive to leave a positive impression on your audience and customers anytime they interact with your business, especially long after they purchased your product or service.

What are Good Examples of Brand Marketing?

Most consumers can think of memorable advertisements and especially certain brands that stick out in their minds. That is the goal of brand marketing! Not only should your product or service be important to your audience, but the brand that backs the product or service needs to make consumers want to buy from you.

Below is an example with explanations for how a large brand retains its brand identity through brand marketing!

  • Coca-Cola
    • When thinking about the business, your first thought is likely about the very recognizable red logo. They have kept it very simple and almost the exact same throughout the many years they have been around. They use it on every product they sell and every advertisement too.
    • Not only do they use their logo, but they include other parts of their branding. For example, the polar bear “Share a Coke” slogan was used for a long time and became very recognizable. Not only that, but the red color of the logo itself affects the consumer’s mind and has a “confidence-boosting” feel.

Why is Branding so Important?

Branding isn’t just about making a pretty logo so that your packaging and ads are cohesive; it’s about creating the feelings and personality of your brand as a whole. Consumers prefer to buy from brands and businesses they trust, and brand marketing is the way to do that!

Below are some components that should be included in your brand identity and brand marketing!

  • Your logo:
    • This should be seen as the “face” of your business. When dealing with marketing, this will be used on anything and everything to do with your products and services. Consumers need to know who is connected to the product or service they might be interested in.
  • Credibility and trust:
    • To build that in a business, your branding needs to stay cohesive throughout your business. By using the same logo, similar taglines, and more, consumers will start to recognize your brand and connect the quality to your name!
  • Advertising:
    • While it’s important to have good quality advertising, your audience won’t know where to go if your branding isn’t connected throughout! Once you build that brand identity and credibility, people will begin to recognize your business, and your marketing campaigns will be more appealing to repeat customers or even new ones.
  • Your mission:
    • Keep your branding very similar to your business’s key mission. A mission statement or goal is also very important to follow and include in your brand identity and can be easily implemented in your marketing!

So Where do I Begin?

Now that you know the basics of what brand marketing and brand identity are, you need to implement them! But how? Below are some easy steps to getting started!

  • Research your audience as well as your competitors!
    • Just like any other aspect of marketing, you need to know your goals. To do that, conduct marketing research and find out how your business’s products or services can fit into the lives of your ideal customers and how your competitors are or aren’t doing so!
  • Design the logo!
    • As said before, your logo is crucial to your business’s brand identity. So making sure that your logo is cohesive, simple, and sizeable is key!
  • Create cohesive language to use throughout your marketing!
    • Not only do you need cohesive colors and designs, but your wording is just as important. Picking several key phrases to go with your tagline will help your branding feel and sound cohesive and more appealing to your audience.
  • Learn what to avoid!
    • Don’t give your audience mixed messages; keep your wording simple but cohesive.
    • Don’t just copy your competitors! While it’s important to know your audience and competitors, copying what they do and say will only create confusion for your consumers.
    • Don’t lose consistency between online and offline! Keep your designs and wording consistent throughout different mediums.
  • Monitor your brand and keep it up-to-date!
    • Just like how big brands change a little and evolve, yours should too! While staying true to your branding, a little change to show progress will allow your audience to view your business as adaptable and relevant to their latest consumer needs.

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